What Can You Do With a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA)?

calendar_today 5 October, 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for robust and efficient infrastructure to deploy essential supplies, services, and personnel. While healthcare providers and elected officials are often most prominent in the news, extensive networks of administrators work behind the scenes to help communities function and respond to challenges. From compliance …

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What Can You Do With a Master’s in Public Policy?

calendar_today 21 September, 2021

Are we doing enough to help today’s society prepare for tomorrow’s climate? 65% of Americans would say “no.” An increasing number of people are concerned about the climate impacts we’re seeing, but still little has been done about it. With environmental changes like CO2 emissions worsening more quickly than initially …

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What Can You Do With a Master’s in Criminal Justice?

calendar_today 13 July, 2021

Around the world, policymakers and law enforcement professionals are re-evaluating problems in the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, technological developments open the door for increasingly sophisticated crimes. From hacking into critical infrastructure to running global human trafficking networks, criminals continually hone their methods to achieve greater rewards while evading capture. The …

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