Climate Change Interview: How Local Policy Can Address a Global Problem

calendar_today 5 April, 2024

Climate change poses a worldwide challenge. “Global warming will intensify multiple and concurrent hazards in all regions of the world,” warned the United Nations in their 2023 IPCC report. But despite this issue’s global scope, responses and solutions primarily unfold at the local level.  As Northeastern University professor and scientist …

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Data Analytics in Criminal Justice: Leveraging Big Data to Improve Community Safety and Resilience

calendar_today 29 January, 2024

Working to alleviate the burden of crime within communities requires criminal justice experts to ask difficult questions. Who is most impacted by disparities in policing? When is it appropriate to send an officer, and when is a social worker or mediator more suitable? How can the people who observe communities …

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How Public Policy Is Addressing Climate Change in the Boston Area

calendar_today 17 January, 2024

The world has experienced an alarming acceleration of climate change over the last several years — including effects ranging from recurrent large wildfires to severe flooding to abnormal weather patterns. Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable, with experts predicting that these regions will experience extreme heat waves, rising sea levels, and …

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